BYD Reveals AI-Driven Intelligent Car Technology Amid Heightening EV Market Rivalry

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BYD Kick-starts AI-Powered Smart Car Era With Xuanji

China’s automaker, BYD, is stepping up its game in the electric vehicle (EV) sector. Recently, BYD launched a smart car system called Xuanji, which uses Artificial Intelligence (AI). News comes from the source of Reader Wall that this big launch happened during the ‘Dream Day’ event, led by BYD’s chairman Wang Chuanfu.

Xuanji is designed with a focus on improving driver safety and comfort. It does so by quickly identifying changes within and outside the vehicle.

Key Features of Xuanji

The unique feature of Xuanji is the AI Large Model, which reportedly boasts the largest data foundation in this industry. This allows the vehicle intelligence system to constantly adapt, thereby enhancing the driving experience. It also helps BYD to directly compete with other EV makers in areas like automated parking.

BYD’s Growth Plans

BYD has bigger plans beyond Xuanji. Citing the source of Reader Wall, BYD now holds the title of the top-selling EV brand globally, overtaking Tesla in the previous quarter. With plans to invest 5 billion Chinese yuan in building the first professional all-terrain test drive sites in China, BYD is showing its commitment to innovation. This move also puts China in the spotlight for EV research and development.

BYD Triumphs in Autonomous Driving

BYD continues to lead the way in China’s EV sector by receiving a conditional testing license for L3 autonomous driving on high-speed roads in Shenzhen – making it the first to do so. This accomplishment is a significant progression for the autonomous driving sector in China.

However, despite all these promising developments, BYD’s shares saw a decline by over 2%. This is especially noteworthy as it happened on a day when the overall Chinese stock market also experienced a downturn. The local EV market in China is currently grappling with a price war and tough competition, impacting the profitability of domestic EV makers like Nio, Xpeng, and Li Auto, including BYD. Other firms like Xpeng, Nio, Huawei, Zeekr, and Xiaomi also count themselves in the race by launching new EV models to strengthen their hold in this cut-throat competitive market.


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