Butuan City Lauds Tricycle Driver for Returning P300,000, Sparks Financial Incentive Talks

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An Unforeseen Act of Honesty

Delfin Añora Jr., a tricycle driver of Butuan City, Philippines, embodies an uncommon virtue that deserves a spotlight of its own. Añora was presented before the city and applauded for his straightforwardness and integrity pertaining to a recent event that involved him, a substantial amount of cash, and an anonymous retiree.

A Remarkable Discovery and A Demonstrable Vice

On his regular day of transporting passengers from one point to another, Añora noticed a red envelope forgotten in his vehicle. To his surprise, the envelope contained Php 300,000 in cash and a collection of essential documents. All of this had been inadvertently left behind by a passenger.

Retrieving the Rightful Owner

Añora, realizing the significance of the left-behind envelope, made it his mission to find its rightful owner. His efforts led him to DXBC-Radio Mindanao Network, a popular local radio station in Butuan. It was through this platform that he managed to locate a recent retiree who owned the envelope.

Remarkable Act Meets Reward

Añora’s actions did not go unnoticed. The city government, in recognition of his integrity and honesty, decided to award Añora for his virtues. He received monetary compensation much to his surprise and delight. Additionally, the community showed their gratitude by gifting him a sack of rice.

Setting a Precedent for Public Servants

This singular act sparked a dialogue among the city council and the citizens. The idea was to encourage and promote honesty among public utility vehicle drivers by proposing financial incentives. Añora’s act served as a catalyst for this discussion, highlighting the importance of such commendable acts.

Echoing Virtues of Goodness in Society

Councilor John Gil Unay Sr took an opportunity here to emphasize the importance of maintaining integrity. It is this idea of persistence of goodness in society that Añora’s act beautifully manifests. The community’s overwhelming positive response to Añora’s deed further amplifies this sentiment. The incident serves as a reminder of the potential for honesty and humanity that lies within all of us.


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