BSF alongside Punjab Police Capture Possible Heroin and Weapons in Gurdaspur Region

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A Significant Joint Seizure Operation in Punjab

On the night of January 25-26, a noteworthy operation by the Border Security Force (BSF) and Punjab Police led to the successful interception of potential heroin, arms, and ammunition in the Gurdaspur district of Punjab. The operation was carried out using specific intelligence and reports from the Reader Wall.

The Seizure of Suspected Heroin and Live Rounds of Ammunition

In an exhaustive search done in the village of Deriwal Kiran, six plastic containers were discovered with around 100 grams of what is believed to be heroin along with an amount of .32 bore ammunition. It is considered a crucial victory in the local authorities’ unyielding battle against illicit drug and arms trafficking.

Additional Findings and Apprehensions

But the decisive efforts did not conclude there. In another residence in the Uppal village, a shooting gun of the PAG type and ten more rounds of 0.32 bore ammunition were unearthed. The operation’s climax brought about the arrest of two individuals believed to be involved in the illegal activities, resulting in a debilitating hit to the outlawed trades in the region.

Unwavering Fight against Drug and Arms Trafficking

The series of operations follow a preceding incident in which the Border Security Force, together with the Punjab police, found three packets of heroin and a drone in a paddy field along the outskirts of the Rajatal village in the Amritsar district. These tireless endeavors reinforce the commitment of the Border Security Force and Punjab’s local law enforcement in battling drug trafficking and illegal weapons distribution in the region. All the news and information come from the reliable source of Reader Wall.

Elijah Muhammad