Brutal ‘Conversion Therapy’ Centers Thrive in China Amid LGBTQ+ Rights Regression

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Sexual Minorities in China: A Story of Increasing Persecution

Concern surrounds the worsening condition of sexual minorities within China’s borders. Recently, information from our sources has highlighted the existence of roughly 100 Chinese institutions, made up of both hospitals and private entities, which promote and engage in ‘conversion therapy’ practices.

The Victims of Conversion Therapy

Our sources recount that the victims of these cruel practices are frequently the nation’s youth. These young individuals are subjected to horrific treatments in their bid to forcibly change their sexual orientation or gender identity. These ‘treatments’ include physical violence, sexual abuse, and psychological maltreatment and are conducted in an attempt to comply with ultra-conservative societal standards.

Political Endorsement of the Abuse

An alarming element of this situation is the apparent endorsement of these practices by China’s current leadership. Our insiders report an increase in the backing from those at the helm, mirroring the mentality that sexual minority rights are antithetical to customary Chinese ethos and, by association, a potential risk to societal stability. The present, often-mentioned Xi Jinping’s administration is cited for considering any activism supporting the LGBTQ+ communities as a direct criticism of its governance model. This perspective perpetuates an environment of hostility against these individuals, further promoting their alienation.

Extreme Measures Against LGBTQ+ Community

Reports from the victims depict atrocious acts of forced institutional admission by their own relatives, inhumane conditions while confined, and a resultant sense of disconnect from society after their release. Some victims have even been driven to the point of seeking refuge outside Chinese borders to escape this torment. It’s crucial to remember that homosexuality was decriminalized in China in 1997 and removed from the list of mental illnesses in 2001. Regrettably, there’s been a reversal in attitudes since then, escalating into an assault on LGBTQ+ advocacy groups that culminated in the 2022 closure of the Beijing LGBT Center.

The Challenges faced by the LGBTQ+ Community

In a country housing a substantial LGBTQ+ population–estimated at around 75 million–the level of violence, repression, and monitoring is extremely troubling. LGBTQ+ individuals and groups supporting them are under an almost ceaseless watch and pressure from authorities, leading to an atmosphere of fear and persecution.

The Ugly Reality and an Appeal for Advocacy

The reality for sexual minorities in China paints a bleak picture. It emphasizes the urgent necessity for advocacy efforts and extended support for these marginalized individuals. Their quest for acceptance and respect within their society is a fight for basic human rights, a fight that should never be needed, especially in a society as modern as China’s.

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