BRS Leader K Kavitha Arrested in Delhi Liquor Scam Amid Protests in Hyderabad

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Prominent Telangana Leader K Kavitha Arrested Amid Controversy

K Kavitha, a reputed leader in Telangana and the off-spring of the former Chief Minister, K Chandrasekhar Rao, has been apprehended by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) in an unexpected turn of events. This development occurred at her Hyderabad abode in the middle of unusual incidents, igniting a flurry of reactions from her supporters outside her residence.

Dramatic Scenes Mark Kavitha’s Arrest

For those present during the event, including her spouse and sibling, the arrest came as a shock. Adding to the drama were the followers of BRS who voiced their opposition and anger against the actions of the ED and Income Tax officials who had launched a full-day search and raid operation.

An Unexpected Twist in the Delhi Liquor Policy Case

Kavitha’s arrest on a Friday evening marks a notable development in the Delhi liquor policy case, despite her name not being mentioned in any of the previously filed six charge sheets by the financial crimes investigation agency since November 2023.

An All-day Affair: Raid, Interrogation and House Arrest

The day’s events unfolded in a sequence, starting with a raid in the morning, followed by a series of interrogations and culminating in a house arrest. The situation turned more contentious when a group of people, including Kavitha’s brother, KTR, confronted the ED officials, questioning their method of handling the situation.

Protests Erupt Across Telangana

  • In response to the arrest, the BRS announced protests across the state of Telangana, questioning the timing of the event, just before the announcement of election dates. They labelled the arrest as a premeditated action.
  • Moreover, the legal dimensions of Kavitha’s arrest came to the forefront, with questions being raised on the ground of a pending Supreme Court petition.
  • While Kavitha’s arrest has sent ripples across the state and political circles, only time will tell what will unfurl in the coming days. For now, all eyes remain locked on the legal proceedings and potential repercussions in the Telangana state dynamics. Stay tuned to our source for more updates on this unfolding event.


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