Brown Set to Pilot 87 Chevy Camaro in 2024 Repco Supercars Tournament

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A Look Ahead to the 2024 Repco Supercars Championship

Anticipation and excitement fill the air as the 2024 Repco Supercars Championship inches closer. Significant changes have been made among the racers, with Will Brown of Toowoomba taking the wheel of the Chevy Camaro, a notable switch from Shane van Gisbergen of Triple Eight Race Engineering. Brown’s signing is among several transitions shaking up the racing world, according to our source.

Notable Number Alterations in the Racing Scene

Alongside the roster changes, modifications to sequential race numbers have been implemented for the upcoming championship. Jamie Whincup, Team Principal of Red Bull Ampol Racing, explained the strategic renumbering was to avoid potential on-track confusions. As part of this reshuffling, Brown will don the number 87, while his teammate Broc Feeney will keep the number 88 – a number historically associated with Whincup in non-champion seasons. Additionally, Craig Lowndes’ emblematic number 888 will resurface in this year’s enduro series under the Supercheap Auto wildcard.

An Array of Changes Across Teams

Brown’s switch to number 87 isn’t the only numeric alteration coming in the forthcoming championship. Defending drivers’ champion from Erebus Motorsport, Brodie Kostecki, will now use number 1. Jack Le Brocq has been announced to take on number 9 from Brown as well. Notably, amid all change, Shane van Gisbergen will maintain his characteristic number 97 for continuity sake. Matt Stone Racing also chimed in the modifications, hinting at number changes for the 2024 race.

Pre-Race Preparations: New Chassis and More

Teams are not only making squad changes but are prepping for the championship in full swing. Erebus Motorsport and Triple Eight are reported to be manufacturing new chassis for the season. The newly-outfitted Red Bull Ampol Racing livery is set to be unveiled on February 3, at a public event at the Toowoomba Wellcamp Airport with free entry for spectators.

Awaiting the Beginning of the Championship Season

The 2024 Repco Supercars Championship is gearing up to be a thrilling event, starting with the Thrifty Bathurst 500 between February 23 and 25. With the series of modifications, newly designed cars, and a fresh racing lineup, teams and fans are all set for pre-season testing. As the racing world waits in anticipation and excitement, the new season promises to be enchanting, and fans are eager to see their favorite drivers back on track.


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