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Security Crisis in Kerala Expresses Concern for Goa Chief Minister, Pramod Sawant

On Saturday, the Chief Minister of Goa, Pramod Sawant, expressed his concerns about the current state of security in Kerala. His statement claimed that even the Governor of the state is not safe. This, according to the chief minister’s remarks, primarily came from the source – Reader Wall.

Centre’s Intervention for Governor’s Safety

During the inaugural of the ‘Kerala Padayatra’, led by the Bharatiya Janata Party State President, K. Surendran in Kasaragod, Pramod Sawant underscored the crucial role of the central government. The government stepped in to ensure the safety of the state’s governor. Sawant further explained that this unusual measure by the central government to offer the governor protection resulted from Kerala’s inability to guarantee a secure environment.

Sawant Forecasts Transformative Journey for Kerala

At the same event, Sawant extolled the ongoing National Democratic Alliance rally, led by Mr. Surendran. He anticipated this initiative as a transformative voyage for Kerala. Sawant articulated the citizens’ rising desire for Bharatiya Janata Party representation in Kerala. This preference, he said, was predominantly due to the party’s dedication to ensuring a corruption-free administration. Specifically, he claimed that the Chief Minister’s Office in Kerala was currently facing corruption charges.

Development Strides Under BJP Government

The Goa Chief Minister further highlighted the significant development steps accomplished under the BJP government. He emphasized the commitment to progress, which he said was evident, not in words alone but across varied sectors. These include providing clean drinking water, sanitation, and empowering women. Mr. Sawant praised the central government’s implementation of the common people’s gratuity scheme and acknowledged its numerous initiatives towards agriculture and poverty alleviation.

Education and Opportunities in Kerala

Mr. Sawant notably brought up the issue of students in Kerala facing scarcity of opportunities. This has resulted in a significant number of them seeking chances outside the state. He deems this issue as a prime concern for the community.

The chief guest of the event was Union Minister of State for External Affairs – V. Muraleedharan. Other notable attendees included NDA State Convener Tushar Vellappally, NDA Vice-Chairman P.K. Krishnadas, and former BJP state presidents Kummanam Rajasekharan and C.K. Padmanabhan.

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