BJP high command scrutinizing current political scenario in Bihar: Giriraj Singh

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Bihar Political Climate Under Scrutiny

News from the source of Reader Wall notes intensifying conjecture surrounding the potential re-partnering of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s party, Janata Dal (United), with the National Democratic Alliance (NDA). On January 27, Union Minister Giriraj Singh informed that the BJP central leadership is keeping a close eye on the political developments emerging in Bihar.

Central Leadership’s Monitoring

In his exchange with our reporter on Saturday, Mr. Singh explained that the Central leadership is in control and will act appropriately based on their observation of the evolving situation. Singh, who chairs the Union Rural Development, tried to sink in the idea that “Nitish Kumar is, as per the current status, the Chief Minister of Bihar. The government in Bihar, the Mahagathbandhan, is backed by partners – Lalu Prasad’s RJD and the Congress. The watch over this scenario is in the Central leadership’s responsibilities…They will then make respective decisions.”

Opinion by Sushil Kumar Modi and Dilip Jaiswal

Confirming the uncertainty of political environments, Sushil Kumar Modi, an authoritative BJP figure and former Bihar deputy Chief Minister, emphasized, “Politics is an arena of possibilities.” Responding to journalists regarding the expected return of JD(U) to the NDA, Modi declared, “Doors are never sealed in the domain of politics”. He reinforced the Central Leadership’s authority, stating, “Whatever the Central Leadership concludes, we will respect and concur.”

On the same lines, BJP MLC, Dilip Jaiswal, advised everyone to bide their time, stating, “The higher authorities are evaluating the situation…and they are going to act accordingly. We have scheduled a legislature party meeting at 4 pm today…with an additional rendezvous planned for 9 am on Sunday”.

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