BIRTHhaven: Fresh Bio-Science Center Rises in Boulder, Colorado

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From Brewpub to Bio-Labs: The Transformation of a Boulder Landmark

In a notable urban transformation, the Denver-based NexCore Group LLC and its subsidiary, HATCHspaces, have currently revamped the previous Boulder Beer Co. brewpub. This establishment, which was once known for its bustling beer production, now hosts a state-of-the-art life-sciences facility named HATCHlabs. Its doors were officially opened to the public at its location – 2880 Wilderness Place in Boulder, Colorado – on January 17, 2024. Since its launch, the facility has become a significant resource for emerging life-sciences enterprises.

HATCHlabs: A New Era in Life Sciences Innovation

Being the ninth venture under the HATCHspaces trademark, and the fourth in NexCore’s portfolio within the Science & Technology platform, HATCHlabs is a massive step forward in the life-sciences domain. The revamped 33,700-square-foot structure offers a varied array of lab spaces. These are precisely tailored to meet the requirements of companies at various growth stages, from their initial phase to mid-level development stages. The facility houses fully-equipped turnkey labs and adaptable spaces that can accommodate the evolving needs of innovating companies.

A Blend of Historical Elements and Modern Innovation

Despite being transformed into a cutting-edge facility, the building pays tribute to its historical roots. Elements of its former incarnation have been delicately woven into its modern design, celebrating its past as a renowned brewing hub. The architectural design is a creative blend of art and color schemes influenced by brewing’s molecular structure along with contemporary facilities. This unique design synthesis provides a distinct sense of history and modern innovation, and gives a nod to the traditional Boulder Beer Co.

Collaborations and Its Impact on the Community

The inauguration of HATCHlabs was accompanied by essential partnerships and community initiatives. One of the key announcements made during the launch was the internship partnership with the University of Colorado Boulder’s biochemistry department. Kristen Roy, the department’s director of teaching labs, voiced her excitement for the collaboration, noting the potential benefits for students.

Jarrod Daddis, President of NexCore, stressed the importance of this investment to the community, tenants, the healthcare industry, and scientific entrepreneurs. Elyse Blazevich, President and CEO of the Colorado BioScience Association, also acknowledged the effect on biotech startups resulting from the collaboration.

As a leading contributor to healthcare real estate investments and development since 2004, NexCore Group has an impressive record with over $5.7 billion in transactions across 29 states. Its 2021 acquisition of HATCHspaces extended its reach, with almost 500,000 square feet of specialized facilities now operating in Colorado and Southern California.

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