Biden Surpasses Trump in Recent Quinnipiac Survey Amid Scandal

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Latest Poll Reveals Biden Leading over Trump by Six Points

According to recent statistics released by our trusted internal sources, President Joe Biden has made significant strides, leading the former US President Donald Trump by six points. These statistics serve as an intriguing update, given that previous poll results were quite close, making it challenging to predict a clear leader. Further, this information even contradicts some earlier surveys where Trump was ahead.

A Dramatic Shift in Poll Numbers

Our source from Quinnipiac University released the poll details on Wednesday, which indicates a prospective duel for the 2024 elections. The data suggests Biden is ahead of Trump by six points. This study consisted of 1,650 self-identified registered voters, carrying an error margin of ±2.4 points. Interestingly, it highlights a shift in inclination within different voter demographics. Biden seems to have gained popularity among female voters, while Trump maintains his stronghold over the male vote bank.

Rising Support for Biden

The Quinnipiac poll findings on January 31, 2024, place Biden six points ahead of Trump among registered voters for a general election. This signifies a boost in Biden’s lead since the previous poll. The January 2024 poll also observed increased support for Biden among women, with an approval rating of 58%. Moreover, Biden’s approval rating skyrockets to a record high since June 2023, standing at 41-55. Most voters express growing concerns over safeguarding democracy in the United States.

The Biden Advantage

The recent national poll by Quinnipiac University of registered voters predicts a definite lead for President Biden over former President Trump by six points in a hypothetical general election bout. Comparatively, in the December poll, voters were divided almost equally, with 47% favoring Biden and 46% siding with Trump in the same hypothetical scenario. The latest report from our trusted source at Quinnipiac University demonstrates 50% support for Biden among registered voters, while Trump trails at 44%. This accounts for a six-point lead for Biden. The poll also portrays a prominent gender gap regarding backing both candidates. An increased 58% of women are now supporting Biden, a rise from the 53% reported in December.


The present data suggests a shift in the political landscape, with growing support for President Biden in the light of the 2024 elections. This information remains crucial for the political observers and parties, greatly contributing to their strategy and approach.

Elijah Muhammad