Bermuda’s Pathways to Status Protest Spurs Economic Growth-Balancing Proposals

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Historical Opposition to the Pathways to Status Initiative Reveals Deep-Seated Immigration Concerns in Bermuda

Eight years ago, a significant cross-section of Bermuda’s population united in opposition to the One Bermuda Alliance’s (OBA) ‘Pathways to Status’ immigration proposal. This opposition not only represented a coalition of diverse backgrounds but also a deep-seated concern about the historical role of immigration in societal marginalization and its use as an oppressive tool. As per our sources, the collective resistance against the policy was underpinned by the belief that the OBA, through this policy, would contribute to the further marginalization of Bermudians.

Bermudians Reject Pathways to Status Initiative in Two Consecutive Elections

The rallying cry against the policy led to its rejection in the 2017 and subsequently the 2020 elections as it was viewed as a direct threat to the Bermudian identity and their rights. However, sources indicate that despite the overarching public discontent, the OBA has yet to recognize this backlash or offer an apology for the policy.

Progressive Labour Party Pledges Protection for Bermudians

In contrast, the Progressive Labour Party (PLP) recognises the valid disquiet of Bermudians concerning displacement and further marginalization owing to immigration. They have consistently stressed the need to find balance between fostering population growth and safeguarding Bermudian livelihoods, thus ensuring Bermudians are not side-lined in their own homeland.

Distinguishing the PLP’s Approach to Immigration Concerns

The PLP’s commitment to learn from past errors, tender necessary apologies, and take a dedicated stand towards preserving Bermudian interests, sets them apart in their approach and understanding of the issue from the OBA. This stance, as informed by our sources, also emphasises their sensitivity towards the historically complex issue of immigration and their determination to alleviate the long-standing concerns of Bermudians.


In conclusion, Bermudians continue to express their unease towards immigration policies that they believe may lead to further societal marginalization. The saga surrounding the Pathways to Status initiative indicates a deeply entrenched fear of unchecked immigration, and underlines the importance of policy sensitive to the complex socio-historical fabric of Bermuda.