Berlin Inhabitants Decry Government’s Position on Gaza Circumstances

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Berlin Citizen’s Protest Against Israel’s Actions

On a clear day in Berlin, a strong display of unity filled the city in a global protest against the Israel-Palestine conflict. Many local residents, joined by common purpose, protested their country’s stance on the Gaza Strip situation. Many see Israel’s actions against Palestinians as harsh, with the potent word ‘genocide’ frequently used.

Protest Route

The demonstration started outside the German Federal Foreign Office. People proudly displayed Palestinian flags and banners. Moving like a determined mass, they marched towards the iconic Potsdamer Platz Square. Research shows that 61% of German citizens see Israel’s military actions in Gaza as unfair, while only 25% support them.

German Government’s Strong Support for Israel

In spite of public uproar, Germany maintains its unwavering support for Israel’s military activities. It does so even in the face of reported Palestinian deaths numbering at least 24,285, including mostly women and children, and over 61,154 injuries. According to the UN, Gaza has approximately 85% of its population displaced internally, struggling to access basic necessities like food, clean water and medicine.

Israelis’ Sense of Safety and Fear in Berlin

The demonstration also shed light on the contradictory situation faced by Israelis living in Berlin. Anti-Semitic acts escalated following the 2023 Hamas massacre creating a climate of unease for Israelis in Berlin. Surprisingly, despite feeling safe, the rise in anti-Semitic incidents created an uncomfortable dichotomy. Germany’s steadfast support for Israel only amplified this conflict.

Questioning Germany’s Position on Israel

The demonstration emphasized the struggle people face when contending with the government’s policies. The German government has banned pro-Palestinian protests and continued arms sales to Israel, even in the face of public criticism. Various pro-Palestinian groups, students, and workers organized a strike and rally, criticizing Israel’s actions in the Gaza Strip and condemning the German’s government’s perceived complicity in what they view as Israel’s war crimes.

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