Bentonville West Triumphs Over Cabot in 6A Boys State Tournament First Round

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Bentonville West Triumphs in Round One of 6A State Tournament

Scoring a victory in the first round of the Class 6A boys state tournament, Bentonville West moves forward in an exciting turn of events at the Charging Wildcat Arena in North Little Rock. The team closed out the game against Cabot with a final score of 54-45, marking another win in their late-season surge. Join our sources as we dive into the thrilling details of the game.

From Underdogs to Challengers: Bentonville West’s Late-Season Surge

In what can only be described as an impressive comeback, Bentonville West has won six of their last seven games. This winning spree has been significantly marked by the dynamic performances of team members, Landon Price and Lane Jeffcoat. Price scored 10 of his total 15 points in the second half of the game, while Jeffcoat registered 11 points, 10 rebounds, and 5 blocks, contributing to their victory over Cabot. According to our insiders, the team’s recent improved gameplay can be attributed to effective scouting and the ability to make pivotal plays at crucial game moments.

Looking Ahead into Round Two

The latest victory propels Bentonville West into the second round of the tournament where they are set to face off Bryant. With this momentum, we expect it to be an eagerly anticipated match.

The Story of Cabot’s Struggles

Despite a strong start from Cabot, the team struggled to maintain their grasp in the final quarter of the game. This significantly impacted their chances to close the score gap and ultimately played a role in their loss to Bentonville West.

North Little Rock Clinches Narrow Victory Over Fort Smith Northside

In another thrilling match at the Class 6A boys state tournament, North Little Rock narrowly defeated Fort Smith Northside. The nail-biting final score was 59-58. The game was not without its share of drama, with a technical foul and a missed potential winning shot adding to the suspense. Our in-house experts captured the highlights of this gripping game.

Technical Foul and Missed Chance: A Tale of High Tension

In the concluding moments of the game, a technical foul increased the intensity. To add to the tension, a missed shot that could potentially have turned the tide of the match in favor of Fort Smith Northside kept spectators on the edge of their seats until the end.

As we bring you the stories behind the games, join us on this journey as we await more thrilling matches from the Class 6A boys state tournament. Stay tuned for more updates straight from our sources.


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