Bend Teardrop Unveils Tall Boy: Family-Friendly Teardrop Trailer with Full Standing Height

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Bend Teardrop Unveils Tall Boy: A Family-Friendly Teardrop Trailer With Full Standing Height Inside

From our sources, Bend Teardrop, which has a solid reputation as an Oregon-based RV manufacturer, excitingly lifts the curtain on its latest creation known as the ‘Tall Boy’. This fresh introduction into the market is perfect for a family of four, completely redefining the confines of a traditional teardrop trailer by offering full standing height inside.

An Innovative Design Breaks Away from Tradition

Determinedly straying from the mould of conventional compact teardrop trailers, the ‘Tall Boy’ promises a sizable and comfortable living area without sacrificing mobility and convenience. At the core of its foundation lies a 6 x 12-ft chassis. However, what sets it apart is its distinctive high roof design that allows occupants to enjoy a luxurious six feet of standing height throughout the cabin.

Accommodation Meets Versatility in Layout

Meticulously designed with families in mind, the interior includes a generous sleeping area that doubles as a mobile lounge. Not to be outdone, the tailgate galley kitchen offers plenty of storage and potential for customizable layout options that can cater to varied family needs.

Natural Light and Storage Solutions Abound

Screened slider windows and porthole windows are strategically placed throughout, maximising natural light. The Tall Boy also embraces the outdoors with a tall vertical door window.A variety of thoughtfully integrated storage solutions ensure no space is wasted, keeping your living area clutter-free.

Features and Amenities for Modern Outdoor Adventures

  • Equipped with a 200-W rooftop solar system
  • Comes with a brake system and rear stabilizer jacks
  • Has an AC shore power hookup
  • Optional features like a fridge box, onboard battery system, heating and AC, and an exterior awning available
  • Considering the top-notch range of features and amenities it offers, this lightweight trailer is easily towable by a wide range of vehicles and can be manually positioned at campsites. An optimal balance of weight and functionality at just 1,995 lbs, the Tall Boy is an investment well-spent for any adventuring family.

    Affordable Price for High Quality Experience

    Priced at US $18,995, this investment in the Tall Boy represents a distinct blend of practicality, convenience, and versatility for families looking to engage in and enjoy outdoor adventures together. Bend Teardrop makes taking your family on a fun-filled adventure easier and more comfortable than ever before, and the Tall Boy is a testament to this ethos.


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