Bedford Approves $1.2M Federal Funds for Water Authority, Explores Hotel Extension and Agribusiness Grant

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Bedford County Board Makes Significant ARPA Fund Decisions

Our news source reports that the Bedford County Board of Supervisors has made critical choices concerning the distribution of federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds and various local development projects.

1. Financial Support to BRWA

The board chose to allocate $1.2 million in ARPA fundings to the Bedford Regional Water Authority (BRWA). This action is meant to recoup costs from completed capital projects and to replenish its capital account for anticipated future extensions. Consequently, this move will enable the provision of enhanced water services to county residents in the foreseeable future.

2. Landfill Leachate Collection System Postponement

In a subsequent decision, the board deferred a plan to assign $500,000 to a leachate collection system at the local wastewater treatment facility. The board deemed it necessary to gather more details on the project, which is intended to manage any leachate from the county’s landfill. This step could potentially streamline operation costs and amplify overall performance at the facility.

At the same time, County Administrator Robert Hiss proposed alternative usages for the county landfill. He hinted that the earmarked funds might otherwise finance BRWA capital projects or other county improvements, hinting at the board’s flexible approach to community progress.

3. Approval of Hotel Project Extension

Furthermore, the board endorsed the extension of a performance agreement tied to the construction of a business-class hotel, a Hampton Inn by Hilton. Positioned beside the National D-Day Memorial, the project’s completion date has been deferred to accommodate the incorporation of a novel design prototype.

4. Support for Wellfarm Meats’ Grant Application

Separately, the board expressed its backing for Wellfarm Meats’ application for a Tobacco Region Revitalization Commission Agribusiness grant. The grant is intended to assist in the establishment of a meat processing plant that upholds a transparent and ethical supply chain. This move represents the board’s worthwhile efforts to support local businesses and promote economic development.

5. Zoning Ordinance Amendment Initiation

Last but not least, the board kickstarted the process of a zoning ordinance change. This amendment would enable agricultural utilization in some commercial zoning districts, indicating a trend towards the harmonization of agricultural operations with commercial sectors.

Collectively, the decisions made by the Bedford County Board reflect their proactive and strategic approach towards effective funds management and commitment to fostering local development.