Ayala-Led GMAC Expands in Mindanao, Tripling Cold Storage Capacity with New Davao Facility by 2025

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GMAC’s Expanded Cold Storage Facility Stretches Its Capacity Nationwide

The Development Story Begins

Our reliable sources internally have revealed that GMAC Logitech Refrigeration Corp., a joint undertaking between AC Logistics Holdings Corp., an affiliate of Ayala, and Glacier Megafridge Inc., is launching a new cold storage venture. This forthcoming facility, scheduled to commence operations in the initial three months of 2025, finds its home in Panabo City, located in Davao del Norte.

Designed For Local Food Producers

Designed to bolster local food manufacturers, producers, importers, and cater to food service patrons, this cold storage facility boasts an impressive storage capacity of 11,798 industrial pallets. When fully operational, GMAC’s entire storage volume is projected to balloon to 17,000 industrial pallets.

Expansion Due to Increase in Demand

This remarkable development echoes GMAC’s pledge towards enriching food safety measures and food preservation methodologies nationwide. This commitment comes on the heels of their inaugural facility in Cagayan De Oro, launched in 2023, which marked their initial foray into the sector.

Strategic Location and Partnerships

The carefully chosen location for this new facility is within the confines of the ANFLO Industrial Estate—an area selected for its strategic closeness to the Davao International Container Terminal and its advanced logistical benefits for agricultural and industrial undertakings. It’s noteworthy to mention that since 2005, GMAC, in association with their partner, GMI, has been a significant player in the cold storage and logistics domain, primarily focusing on securing a steady supply of fresh food through their cold chain facilities.

Driving Nationwide Cold Storage Solutions

AC Logistics, a key player and a subsidiary of Ayala Corp., is leading the charge on this grand expansion, considering it a part of a broader strategy. With an intention to spread cold storage solutions across the length and breadth of the nation, they aim to usher in a new era for food storage facilities.

Future Development

  • GMAC’s Panabo City venture is a testament to their commitment to supporting local food producers with cutting-edge cold chain facilities.
  • The strategic location of the facility within the ANFLO Industrial Estate solidifies its advantages from a logistics standpoint.
  • Riding on the back of their successful Cagayan De Oro facility, GMAC continues to emphasize nationwide food safety and preservation.
  • The vision of AC Logistics is instrumental in shaping the cold storage landscape and looks forward to propelling the initiative on a nationwide scale.