Bangladesh Boosts Railway Security: Scanners for Dhaka, Chattogram Stations Recommended

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Parliamentary Committee Recommends Security Enhancement at Dhaka and Chattogram rail stations

According to our sources, on 5th March 2024, the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Railways Ministry in Dhaka stressed the need for increased security measures at Dhaka and Chattogram rail stations. The main objective of this initiative is to ensure the safety of passengers, as well as streamline operations. One of the key proposals put forth is the installation of scanning machines in these rail stations.

Parliamentary Committee Meeting Overview

The deliberations were part of the committee’s first meeting, spearheaded by Chairman ABM Fazle Karim Chowdhury. Other attendees included Railways Minister Md Zillul Hakim as well as various members of the committee.

Enhanced Security and Improved Ticketing System

The main focus of the meeting was to suggest measures for improving the security system and passenger convenience. As part of this, the committee proposed an overhaul of the ticketing system. The goal of this measure is to make ticket accessibility easier for the general passengers, thus promoting the use of public transport for commuting purposes.

Upgrades to the Signaling System and Rail Services

Additionally, the committee suggested digitizing the signaling system spanning between Natore and Panchagarh. Also discussed was the revival and resumption of certain railway services. The Uttara Express was among the mentioned services speculated for a comeback.

Objective of the Parliamentary Committee’s Recommendations

The primary objective of these recommendations by the committee was to bolster the overall performance of railway operations. The focus on security, passenger convenience, and modernization of operational aspects aims to enhance the overall efficiency of railway systems in the region.