Banerjee Skeptical of Congress’s Lok Sabha Prospects, Alleges Muslim Voter Manipulation by Party

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Political Developments Highlight Unease between TMC and Congress

Fresh political developments see West Bengal Chief Minister, Mamata Banerjee, expressing doubt about the potential performance of the Congress party in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. The Chief Minister questioned whether the Congress party would successfully secure a substantial number of seats if it decided to field candidates in 300 constituencies against the BJP, suggesting that their count may not even make it past 40.

Public Expression of Disappointment over Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra

Banerjee did not restrain her criticism of the Congress-led Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra that recently traversed West Bengal. The Yatra was labelled as a superficial effort, with the Chief Minister likening it to “migratory birds” seeking chances for photo operations instead of participating in consequential political discussions. She also voiced frustration about being left in the dark in regards to the yatra despite being a part of the INDIA coalition.

Snubbed Alliance Proposal Adds to Strained Relations

In a revelation that underscores the ongoing tension, Banerjee recalled a proposition made by her party to the Congress for a political alliance in West Bengal. This proposal would have allowed the Congress party to contest two seats in West Bengal under the banner of the INDIA coalition. This proposition, she disclosed, was met with rejection from the Congress, and there has been no subsequent dialogue between the two entities.

Raising Issues over Congress’s Outreach to Muslim Voters

Raising another point of conflict, the Chief Minister accused the Congress party of using Muslim voters in the state for political gain. She also urged the Congress to prove its mettle by toppling the BJP in Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Madhya Pradesh. This call to action, coupled with the rejection of her alliance offer, suggests the intention of the Trinamool Congress (TMC), led by Banerjee, to independently contest West Bengal’s 42 Lok Sabha seats.


All in all, the unfolding political landscape suggests continued friction and divergence between the TMC and Congress leading up to the Lok Sabha elections. As the dynamics continue to transform rapidly, our network will be consistently updating you on any further developments.

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