Award-Winning Photographer Seeks Couple in Iconic Bath Sunset Image

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Experienced Photographer Seeks Couple from Award-Winning Snapshot

Our seasoned photographer, Simon Lees, with an established career spanning over three decades, has sparked a unique search. His mission is to track down a couple who unconsciously became the central figures of his acclaimed sunset photography taken in Bath eight years ago.

The Hunt for the Unidentified Couple

Remembered for his captivating photo that bedazzled the judges at the Sunday Times Big Shot competition in 2020, Lees is determined to locate the couple that unknowingly contributed to the magic of his winning snapshot. The image, captured on a tranquil summer evening, takes the viewer through an emotional journey of serenity and contentment.

While wandering through the verdant fields that offer panoramic views of Horseshoe Walk above the canal in Widcombe, Lees stumbled upon a multitude of contrasting scenes unfolding before him. From locals and students relishing their picnics to tourists immersing themselves in the tranquillity that the lush surroundings and the engulfing summer warmth provided, it was an evening he recalls as being truly exceptional.

The Magical Snapshot

The photo unveiled itself over a period of 40 to 60 minutes as Lees observed the changing play of colors in the skies. It was during this progression of the sunset that the couple caught his attention, inadvertently becoming the focal point of his award-winning photograph. The couple, positioned in the foreground, punctuated the setting with a romantic touch, enhancing the overall composition of the image.

The unidentified subjects of the photograph struck a chord with Lees, leading him to express his wish to share the moment encapsulated in the snap with them. Making his intention clear, he doesn’t necessarily see the image as one of romantic reminiscence, but merely a testament to the passage of a beautiful moment.

Screening a Gift for the Unknown Models

  • Lees’ campaign to locate the couple is fuelled by more than just curiosity. His primary mission is to gift them a complimentary, framed copy of the photo.
  • He believes the couple, regardless of their relationship status at present, have the right to possess a memento from an enchanting summer evening that played host to the memorable sunset captured in his snap.
  • By doing so, Lees aims to close the circle, rewarding the anonymous couple for their unplanned contribution to his masterpiece shot— a testament to a moment of shared community enjoyment under the Bath’s sunset.

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