Artistic Duo: Martin and Sharon Matisoff to Exhibit at Kentucky Crafted Market

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Frankfort Couple Turns Passion into Artistic Achievement

Our sources have brought our attention to a heartwarming story starting from Frankfort, Kentucky. Martin and Sharon Matisoff, a local couple who have spent their life nurturing a shared passion for art, are testament to the power of shared interests and mutual support.

The Matisoff Art Journey

Sharon, an established artist with decades of experience under her belt, has consistently concentrated on depicting equine scenes. This fascination and dedication has seen her actively participating in art exhibitions and demonstrations, including the widely-respected Kentucky Crafted Market. Martin, Sharon’s other half, pursued his passion much later. Following his retirement, he discovered an affinity for embroidery, drawing inspiration specifically from a unique Chinese technique known as the blind stitch or forbidden stitch.

Despite being a newcomer in the vast world of embroidery, having started only two years ago, Martin has already earned recognition for his detailed work. His creations, which draw heavily from diverse fields such as literature, religious texts and historical sources, are appreciated for their intricate detailing.

A Shared Milestone

Their journey together in the world of art is reaching a new milestone, as they prepare to showcase their work together for the first time. This joint exhibition is slated to take place at the prestigious Kentucky Crafted Market at Kentucky Horse Park’s Alltech Arena.

Distinct Artistic Talents

The significance of this event lies in the fact that this will be the first time the couple will be exhibiting their distinct artistic skills side by-side. Sharon’s work, deeply entrenched in the landscapes of Kentucky, capture the essence of equine art with finesse and accurate representation. Martin’s embroidery works stand as a stark contrast with fantastical depictions mirroring his interest and inspirations.

In conclusion, the Matisoff’s journey and accomplishments are not only inspiring but also illustrate the power of support, creativity, and passion. It goes to prove how these crucial elements can shape an enriching life and successful careers in the arts, as they have done for Martin and Sharon.

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