Armenian Prime Minister and American Anti-Corruption Coordinator Reaffirm Dedication to Democratic Institutions

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Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and Richard Nephew, the US State Department’s Coordinator on Global Anti-Corruption, recently convened in a significant meeting. The meeting served as a confirmation of the ongoing collaboration between the two nations in the fight against corruption and the advancement of democratic institutions.

Armenia’s Pledge to Anti-Corruption Efforts

Pashinyan emphasized that the government attaches great importance to anti-corruption efforts and the promotion of a reform agenda. He stated that the Armenian government is determined to establish effective anti-corruption mechanisms and improve institutional efficiency. He highlighted the value of ongoing program implementation with partner nations, exchange of experiences, and capacity building.

Support from the US Administration

Nephew, representing the US administration, reiterated the United States’ commitment to supporting Armenia in its endeavors to strengthen democracy, implement justice reforms, and combat corruption. He praised the progress made by the Armenian government in these areas and discussed the objective of his visit to Yerevan: to further enhance cooperation.

Digitalization and Collaborative Programs

The meeting also addressed issues related to the digitalization process and the implementation of joint programs across various sectors. This discussion emphasized the mutual commitment of both parties to strengthen their cooperation and address the challenges of corruption and institutional development together.

The meeting between Pashinyan and Nephew marks a new phase in Armenia-US relations, with both sides reaffirming their commitment to eliminating corruption and promoting democratic institutions. This commitment will not only bolster Armenia’s democratic evolution but also ensure a stronger bilateral relationship between the two nations.