Argentina and India Celebrate 75 Years of Diplomatic Ties

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India and Argentina Mark 75 Years of Diplomatic Relations

Recognizing a substantial milestone, India and Argentina are celebrating 75 years of diplomatic relationships, launched on 3rd February 1949. The Indian Embassy in Argentina, in its celebratory announcement, highlighted the immortal journey of companionship, joint efforts, and universal democratic values shared by both nations.

The Celebration of Bilateral Collaboration

The Indian Ministry of External Affairs did not oversee this momentous occasion in both countries’ bilateral relations. Earlier this month, a detailed discussion was held between the Indian Ambassador to Argentina and the Secretary for International Economic Relations of Argentina. This featured an extensive review of collaborative efforts and the fluctuating dynamic of economic and trade relations between the two countries. Both parties shown a profound interest in striving to reach the record trade levels of 2022. In that year, the cross-country trade totalled almost USD 6.4 billion, producing a surplus that favoured Argentina.

The Various Dimensions of the India-Argentina Partnership

The cooperation between India and Argentina covers a wide variety of areas including politics, economics, science and technology, as well as cultural collaboration. Interestingly, there are no outstanding disputes or issues between the two democratic nations. Looking back at the historical background of their relations, India set up a Trade Commission in Buenos Aires in 1943, which was later elevated to the status of an embassy in 1949. On Argentina’s part, it shifted its consulate from Calcutta to Delhi in 1950, promoting it to an embassy. In 2009, Argentina further expanded its presence in India, opening a Consulate General office in Mumbai.

Forge Ahead: The Lithium Agreement & Future Connections

In recent developments, a significant surge in the India-Argentina partnership was observed when the countries agreed on lithium mining in Argentina. The primary goal of this agreement was to protect the supply of lithium, a valuable component for environment-friendly technologies. Lithium is largely applied in rechargeable batteries for a variety of electronic devices and electric vehicles. The contract involved Khanij Bidesh India, an Indian state-owned firm, and Argentina’s state-owned Camyen SE, who came together on this five-block mining agreement. This further implies the promise of a prosperous future for both nations.


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