Area Wrestling Contest: Rating School Wrestlers by Weight Groups

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In high school wrestling, success comes from hard work and the drive to win. The regional wrestling contests have highlighted some brilliant performers. These are athletes from different schools, competing in various weight categories, from the swift 152-pound group to the tough 285-pound category.

Best Performers in Different Weight Categories

The 152-pound group has seen Chris Cibrone from Peters Township shine with a 21-6 record. Coming up behind him are performers like Nick Jones from West Allegheny, Antonio Walker from Plum, and Travis Stipetich from North Allegheny. In the 160-pound weight group, Bode Marlow from Thomas Jefferson has marked his dominance with a 20-6 record, with athletes from Connellsville, Pine-Richland, and Peters Township trying hard to catch up.

At the top of the unbeaten 172-pound category with an outstanding 16-0 record is Shawn Taylor from West Allegheny. He is trailed by contenders from Pine-Richland, Latrobe, and Peters Township. Chris Vargo from Bentworth is the leader in the 127-pound group, followed closely by Carter Putt and Julian Bertucci.

Rising Stars in Lighter and Heavier Weight Groups

In the 133-pound group, the stars to watch out for are Parker Sentipal from Burgettstown, Lucas Barr from McGuffey, and Jack Kazalas from Quaker Valley. The 139-pound group is topped by Cooper Hornack from Burrell, with athletes from Burgettstown and Belle Vernon trying to match his performance.

In heavier weight groups, Vitali Daniels from Bentworth is leading in the 189-pound category. The 215-pound group sees Rune Lawrence from Frazier giving outstanding performances. In the heaviest weight group, the 285-pound category, an unbeaten athlete, Dylan Pitzer from Mt. Pleasant, is leading the pack.

Honoring the Winners

These rankings reflect the talent, longevity, and determination of these young athletes. With every fight, every pin, and every win, they build their legacy. Each victory brings them one step closer to realizing their dreams. These champions prove that the wrestling mat is not just a sports field, but a place where dreams come true.


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