Apple Inc. Ceases Operations of AI Department in San Diego During Broader Restructuring

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Apple Inc., the technology giant, is currently disbanding its 121-member artificial intelligence (AI) team in San Diego. This team, known as the Data Operations Annotations team, has played a crucial role in improving and enhancing Siri, Apple’s voice assistant. On a recent Wednesday, the employees were informed that their roles will be relocated to Austin, Texas, where they will merge with another team responsible for similar tasks.

Reorganization at Apple Inc.

The closure of the San Diego AI team is part of a larger reorganization at Apple. This includes plans to sell Apple’s Vision Pro Headset, changes in the board of directors with Al Gore and James Bell leaving and Wanda Austin taking over, and the launch of a new docuseries with MLS for the 2024 season.

Impact on Employees

The consequences of this restructuring for employees are uncertain, with potential risks of job loss for those unable to relocate. For those who choose to leave, Apple is providing a relocation stipend and severance packages. However, a majority of the employees are reluctant to move to Austin, indicating that a significant number may face termination.

The Future of AI at Apple

Apple CEO Tim Cook has emphasized a slow and considered approach to AI product development. Speculation suggests that some form of AI will be integrated into the iPhone by the end of 2024. This move reflects the ongoing shifts in the technology industry, where companies like Apple continuously adapt their operations and workforce to align with new priorities and business strategies.