Anjolie Ela Menon Reflects on Artistic Journey and Milestones at NEWS Art Fest 2024, Hyderabad

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Renowned Indian Artist Anjolie Ela Menon Shares Her Artistic Journey at NEWS Art Fest 2024

Accomplished Indian artist and muralist, Anjolie Ela Menon, disclosed personal accounts of her life and professional journey at the recent NEWS Art Fest 2024. In her session titled ‘Journey of an Artist’, the gifted artist drew from her vast reservoir of experiences that have defined her prolific career spanning over six decades.

The Early Days: Recognition and First Exhibition

Launching her career at the tender age of 18, Menon’s artistic prowess was already recognized by seasoned art maestros. One incident that stands out in her memory was when the illustrious artist MF Hussain discovered Menon’s potential at the age of 17. Recognizing her exceptional talent, Hussain organized her debut exhibition in a scenic garden in Delhi, where 51 of Menon’s original pieces were displayed. Subsequently, 20 of these artworks were exhibited at Bombay’s Bhulabhai Institute, an esteemed gathering spot for artists which bolstered Menon’s early reputation.

A Leap of Faith: From Delhi to America

Another notable chapter in Menon’s journey as an artist was her invitation to America. She was one of the select few invited on the inaugural flight of Air India, an opportunity that allowed her a sojourn at Fallingwater, a celebrated architectural masterpiece by the legendary Frank Lloyd Wright.

An Unwavering Dedication to Art

Throughout her session, Menon shared captivating insights into her artistic methodology. Despite the undulating course of her career, one constant remained – her indefatigable commitment to painting, hardly missing a day. She disclosed her unique technique of working on several artworks concurrently, propelled by her penchant for applying thin, meticulously-crafted layers of paint.

From Windows Series to Divine Mothers: Consistent Evolution

Despite a career spent pushing boundaries, Menon’s work uniquely mirrors Indian culture and tradition continually. Be it her innovative Windows Series or her divine depictions of celestial mothers, she has consistently reflected the rich tapestry of Indian culture in a unique style. This unique style, over the course of 66 eventful years in the fraternity, has crowned her a stalwart in the art world, influencing countless artists along her path.


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