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Kudumbashree Mission: Launching a Premium Cafe Network

Recently communicated by our Reader Wall source, the Kudumbashree Mission has plans to establish an ensemble of premium, branded cafe sites throughout the state.

Phased Introduction of Premium Cafes

The commencement will be phased, with the first four cafes due to open in Angamaly in Ernakulam, Guruvayur in Thrissur, Kannambra in Palakkad and Meppady in Wayanad. The inauguration of the Angamaly establishment occurred recently under the auspices of the Local Self-Government Minister M.B. Rajesh.

Cafe Design Standards

These premium cafes will go above and beyond their predecessors in their aesthetic design, operational logistics and service provisions. Each one will adhere to a singular branding identity with standard features like a unique logo, common menu items, uniform cutlery, official uniform, and billing software.

Plans are underway to ensure every district will boast one of these premium cafes by May. For instance, the Angamaly cafe is spearheaded by a seasoned Kudumbashree entrepreneur, selected on merit by a local-level technical committee. The entrepreneur has 15 years of experience in the catering industry and spearheads a 15-member team managing the cafe, according to T.M. Rajeena, the Ernakulam district mission coordinator.

Investment and Support

The establishment of the Angamaly café was made possible by an investment totalling ₹50 lakh. Kudumbashree contributed a grant of ₹20 lakh and also supported the entrepreneur in securing bank loans. Empaneled training agencies appointed by Kudumbashree will guide the first-time business owners during the initial six months of operations.

Cafe Cuisine and Location

Patrons can anticipate mouth-watering Kerala cuisine, supplemented by several popular dishes typically displayed at Kudumbashree’s food exhibitions. The strategic placement of outlets alongside highways, urban and tourist hotspots, religious centres, and areas with significant footfall will attract large crowds.

Facilities and Amenities

Aside from essential infrastructure and waste management, the cafes will offer services like parcel delivery, online facilities, catering service, infrastructure for differently-abled customers, and ample parking spaces. Each premium outlet is designed to comfortably seat 50 patrons and operate for 18 hours each day.

Benefits of the Cafe Initiative

This premium cafe initiative is expected to enhance the income and professional development opportunities for the women involved in the business. It will also facilitate improved livelihood opportunities for women currently working with the 288 regular Kudumbashree cafes. The auxiliary members of Kudumbashree will also benefit from the new venture.

It is projected that each premium cafe will provide employment opportunities for at least 15 women. The workers from the existing 1,198 Janakeeya hotels of Kudumbashree can also expect improved earnings in the future, thanks to these premium cafes.

Roji M. John, MLA, presided over the inaugural ceremony at Angamaly, with Benny Behanan MP handling the first sale. Executive director of Kudumbashree Mission, Jafar Malik, elucidated on the project during the event.

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