Amar Singh Club’s Annual General Meeting Sees Unprecedented Turnout despite Cold Weather

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In the chilly winter weather of Srinagar, the Amar Singh Club held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Saturday, with a remarkable turnout from its members in the club elections. The Lieutenant Governor, acting as the Club President, appointed Vijay Kumar Bidhuri, the Divisional Commissioner of Kashmir, to lead the AGM, while Minga Sherpa, Deputy Commissioner of Baramulla, served as the Returning Officer. To ensure transparency and fairness, Advocate Khushnuma Chowdhary was appointed by the High Court to oversee the election process.

Promoting Member Participation

This was a significant milestone for the club, as the 2022 constitutional amendments granted members the opportunity to vote remotely using WhatsApp and email. This change encouraged greater member participation and demonstrated the club’s commitment to empowering its female members. The result was a record-breaking turnout, with a total of 301 votes cast, even by members who were unable to attend in person due to health issues.

Club’s Growth and Future Plans

Nasir Hamid Khan, the Honorary Secretary, took the chance to discuss the club’s growth and highlighted the efforts made by the Managing Committee to increase revenues and improve club facilities. He also emphasized the club’s commitment to gender equality by extending equal privileges and rights to spouses. However, he expressed concern about the government’s intervention regarding the release of the Club property, which was reoccupied by the CRPF in August 2019.

Recognizing Excellence and Leadership

The meeting concluded with the presentation of the Outstanding Club Member Awards, recognizing the significant contributions of Dr. Tejinder Singh Sethi, Abdul Majeed Mattu, Dr. Habib Ullah, Syed Niyaz Ahmad, and three club staff members for their excellent service. Nasir Hamid Khan was unanimously chosen by the newly elected Managing Committee as the Acting Secretary, in accordance with the Club’s constitution.