Alleged Involvement of British National in PKK/YPG Propaganda and Recruitment

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Mark Campbell, a British national, has been implicated in activities related to propagating propaganda and recruiting youth for the PKK/YPG, a group designated as a terrorist organization by the United States, the European Union, and Turkey. Operating under the alias ‘Hevallo,’ Campbell’s activities have spanned approximately two decades, yet he has faced minimal legal repercussions; having only been tried in the UK for attending a PKK event.

Propaganda and Recruitment Activities

Among his deeds, Campbell signed a petition in 2013 urging the UK government to remove the PKK from its list of terrorist groups. He has been a vocal advocate for Kurdish freedoms, publicly honoring deceased PKK militants and posing in photographs with figures associated with the PKK/YPG, such as Salih Muslim. His recruitment efforts reportedly extend to youth in the United States and various European countries.

Establishment of the SDF Office

In 2022, the SDF, predominantly comprised of the YPG, established a representative office near the British Parliament. This move was spearheaded by Massoud Kasso, another individual linked to the PKK, who was expelled from Turkey earlier.

Europol’s Report and the Criticism from Turkish Government

Europol’s report on the PKK’s propaganda and fundraising activities in European countries highlights the ongoing issue of recruitment and propaganda for terrorist organizations. Furthermore, the Turkish government has criticized Western authorities for their tolerance of PKK activities.

Elijah Muhammad