AJ Brimson’s Move to Center: A Titans’ Game-Changing Decision

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In a strategic shift within the National Rugby League (NRL), the Gold Coast Titans are transitioning AJ Brimson from fullback to centre. The move, according to seasoned five-eighth Kieran Foran, may prove to be a formidable defensive challenge for rival centres. With only one game under his belt in the centre position, Brimson’s transition is viewed as a tactic to harness his speed and astute defence while mitigating the physical toll of his previous role due to his history of serious injuries.

Young Blood on the Rise

The Titans’ decision to move Brimson to centre opens the door for fresh talents Keano Kini and Jayden Campbell to vie for the highly coveted fullback role. Kini, who showcased his prowess during the last round of the 2023 season, is a promising prospect. Campbell, on the other hand, is a strong contender for the fullback position, pending a successful recovery from knee surgery.

Brimson’s Transition: A Boon for Titans

Foran, a seasoned NRL player himself, anticipates that Brimson’s shift could significantly enhance the defensive capabilities of the Titans. He foresees Brimson becoming a defensive nightmare for opposition centres and believes this positional switch could be a substantial upgrade for the team.

Foran’s Future in the League

As he enters the final year of his contract, Foran, despite his history of injuries, remains hopeful about his future in the league. Under the guidance of new Titans coach Des Hasler, Foran is optimistic about his performance and the potential for growth and success in the coming season.