Administration aims for Telangana energy autonomy by 2030: Deputy CM Bhatti

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Telangana Eyeing Renewable Energy for Future Demands

The Deputy Chief Minister of Telangana, M.Bhatti Vikramarka, who is also responsible for the Finance and Energy ministries, stated on Friday his government’s intention to concentrate on the development of renewable energy sources. Telangana wants to be completely autonomous in its energy needs by 2030. This plan was announced during the initiation of the Junna Solar Power Panel production plant at Chandanavelli in the district of Rangareddy .

Boosting Renewable Energy Capacity

Vikramarka pointed out that the government’s strategy includes expanding the potential for renewable energy in order to satisfy the state’s rising energy needs. The expansion includes a strategic addition of hydel, solar, municipal waste and wind energy facilities. Vikramarka also took a tour of the plant’s production process, inspecting the stringer machine unit and multiple production stages.

Dealing with Outstanding Debts

During his speech, Mr. Vikramarka raised allegations against the previous Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) government. He accused them of having left a debt of ₹81,000 crore on power utilities. The Deputy Chief Minister underscored that the current Congress government intends to resolve this issue while enhancing the state’s renewable energy sector. He noted that both Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi, both former prime ministers, laid the groundwork for the renewable power sector in India.

Addressing Land Acquisition Controversies

The Deputy Chief Minister Vikramarka also committed to an in-depth investigation of irregularities linked to the Chandanavelli land acquisition. This is after the locals claimed that the land compensation was inappropriately claimed by individuals not entitled to it, while the rightful owners were not compensated.

The promises made by Vikramarka included justice for those victimized by the irregularities. He made assurances of corrective measures; ensuring the registration of names omitted from official records of an enjoyment survey performed by the previous government. Moreover, he pledged to create job opportunities for families who suffered land losses because of industrial development in the region.

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