A Dire Protest: Man Sets Himself Aflame Outside Israeli Embassy in D.C.

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Man on Fire Reported Near Israeli Embassy in Washington’s Cleveland Park

From our sources, we received word of a harrowing incident that took place near the Israeli embassy in the Cleveland Park neighborhood of Washington D.C. In the afternoon of a quiet Sunday, just before 1pm, emergency services responded to an alarming report about a man on fire in the vicinity of the embassy.

Immediate Response of Emergency Services

According to the DC Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department, who verified the incident’s occurrence, a swift and timely response was enacted by none other than the Secret Service officers themselves. They promptly managed to douse the fire, thereby preventing further harm to the individual involved in the fiery incident.

Victim’s Condition Remains Critical

Following the swift action by the Secret Service, the man was swiftly transported to a nearby hospital. Unfortunately, despite the immediate attendance to his situation, his injuries are grave and life-threatening, rendering his condition as critical.

No Connection to the Embassy

The Israeli embassy, located in a peaceful neighborhood also hosting several other diplomatic missions, clarified that there are no known connections or affiliations with the injured man. This was quickly confirmed by our reliable sources.

No Staff Injured During Incident

The Embassy also made sure to bring to light the information that no staff members were harmed or injured during the course of this incident, not leaving any adverse effects on the embassy operations.

Cleveland Park: A Diplomat Neighborhood

This unfortunate event transpired in a location known for housing guests from all over the world. Cleveland Park neighborhood is known for hosting several embassies, including the embassies of China and Ghana, among others, making it an international mosaic of cultures and diplomatic relations.

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