A Brush with the Past: Rusted Grenade Unearthed in Kishtwar

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Hand Grenade Found in Kishtwar: A Detailed Analysis

Unsettling Discovery in Ramban

On February 25th, in Ramban, our sources reported an unexpected discovery. Citizens happened upon a rusted object resembling a hand grenade at Zargar Mohalla. Fearing potential danger, they promptly alerted the local law enforcement agencies.

Response by Authorities

After being informed about the suspicious object, police units, along with the Special Operation Group (SOG) and Bomb Disposal Squad (BDS), swiftly arrived at the site. Demonstrating professionalism and their commitment to public safety, these teams safely secured the grenade, ensuring no harm was inflicted on the nearby populace.

Unraveling the Mystery

Further investigation revealed that the object was indeed a hand grenade, but it was found in a rusted state. It seems that the grenade had been lying undisturbed at the location for a considerable period, gathering rust over time.

Reassurances by SSP Kishtwar

Abdul Qayoom, the Senior Superintendent of Police in Kishtwar, authenticated the discovery of the rusted H36 hand grenade, in an official statement. He addressed the public’s apprehensions, emphasizing the security forces’ swift response to the threat and their successful effort to neutralize it.

  • No Hideout in Proximity

    In addition to confirming the grenade recovery, Qayoom also put an end to speculation concerning the existence of a hideout or militant base in the vicinity of the find. Assuring that there was no substantial evidence pointing towards such a development, he advised citizens to avoid unnecessary panic.

This incident, though initially perturbing, ended successfully due to the prompt response of the local populace and the professionalism of the security forces. As the dust settles on Zargar Mohalla, it serves as a significant instance of civic vigilance aiding the forces in their efforts to maintain peace and security.

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