3AI and Telangana Government Ink MoU to Enhance IT and AI Network

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Telangana Government Pairs up With 3AI for IT and AI Development

In a move to boost Telangana and Hyderabad’s reputation as dominant world players in the field of Information Technology (IT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Telangana government has joined hands with 3AI, a body of AI and Analytics professionals. This engagement engages the Information Technology, Electronics & Communications (ITE&C) Department and 3AI, and it aims to nurture the AI sector and community within the region.

Boosting the AI Sector

This Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been inked to mobilize leaders from various businesses, tech-service providers, and local entrepreneurial ventures. The goal is to form a cohesive, dynamic AI community that stimulates originality and progress. In addition, this cooperation aims to publicize the initiatives of ITE&C and the Emerging Technologies division, highlighting the government’s dedication to promoting technological progress.

Fostering innovation and Thought Leadership

The association will also endeavor to organize leadership roundtables, events focusing on AI innovation, and establish think tanks for AI. It aims to provide an environment for ideas to be exchanged, cultivating a culture of ingenuity and intellectual development in the AI sphere. This strategic move is anticipated to accelerate the growth of AI technology in the region.

Official Signing Ceremony

  • The MoU was formally attested in the presence of Jayesh Ranjan and Rama Devi Lanka from ITE&C, 3AI’s CEO Sameer Dhanrajani, and CTO Nandakumar Ramaiah.
  • The event also saw a Leadership Roundtable discussion around the creation of a supporting ecosystem and framework for implementing General AI. This prompted thoughtful perspectives and highlighted the various initiatives of the Telangana State Government, centered on facilitating General AI and related innovations.
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