2025 Hyundai Santa Cruz: Expected Update to Deliver Significant Modifications

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2025 Hyundai Santa Cruz: What’s Expected in the Much-Awaited Refresh?

Information emerging from Reader Wall’s trusted sources suggests that the Hyundai Santa Cruz is anticipated to receive a refresh as it enters its third model year in 2025. With a rising uptick in popularity since its debut, the South Korean automaker’s sport adventure vehicle seems geared up for exciting updates, both inside and out.

Exterior Revamp

The exterior of the Santa Cruz is set to go through a discernible metamorphosis. The most notable transformation appears on the front, with a redesigned grille featuring a rectangular mesh design in the offing. Add to this the prospect of concealed daytime running lights, mirroring the kind seen on Hyundai’s updated Palisade, and we have an entirely novel façade. Although the movement towards a more rigid, truck-like appearance is interesting, signs suggest that key elements like the overall profile, tail lights and rugged wheel arches will retain their distinctive Santa Cruz characteristics.

Interior Changes

The interior of the Santa Cruz, on the other hand, is poised to embrace changes inspired by its kin, the Hyundai Tucson. One critical aspect of this transformation could involve the adoption of a dual-screen setup like the ones seen in the Ioniq range, pointing towards Hyundai’s dedication towards elevating the digital experience and putting the user’s needs first.

Engine Options

As far as the engine is concerned, the existing power options, the standard 2.5-liter and the turbocharged 1.6-liter versions, will likely stay on. However, enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the introduction of a green powertrain – a hybrid or perhaps a plug-in hybrid, drawing parallels with offerings in the Tucson range. This addition would not just increase the Santa Cruz’s allure but also give it a competitive edge over counterparts like the Maverick.

Release Timeframe and Pricing

With the entire automotive community eagerly awaiting the refreshed Santa Cruz, the release could likely materialize in the 2025 model year. It’s believed that despite these modifications, there won’t be a major escalation in price, if other parameters like trims and equipment remain unchanged. This potential scenario further strengthens the Santa Cruz’s position in the market, making it an even more appealing choice for adventure enthusiasts and compact truck buyers.

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