₹4.5-crore reward for dairy workers, milk alliances

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ERCMPU Incentivizes Dairy Farming with ₹4.5 Crore Investment

The Ernakulam Regional Cooperative Milk Producers’ Union (ERCMPU) has announced plans to distribute nearly ₹4.5 crore as an incentive for milk production within a two-month period spanning February and March this year. The considerable funds effectively translate to an additional ₹7 for each liter of milk produced, with ₹5 directly benefiting the dairy farmer and the remaining ₹2 allocated towards supporting primary milk cooperatives, according to our sources.

A Historic Initiative

M.T. Jayan, ERCMPU chairman, acclaimed this initiative for its broad-spanning benefits expected to reach a staggering 300 milk cooperatives and impact a daily milk collection of one lakh litres. Jayan further lauded the initiative as the most significant incentive in the milk union’s history.

Multifaceted Development Efforts

In addition to this unprecedented incentive, the ERCMPU aims to enhance the overall dairy farming experience within the Ernakulam region through integrated insurance schemes for milch animals, medical camps, and even telemedicine facilities. Dairy cooperatives are being further supported with subsidies to bolster milk production.

Sustainable Funding Model

The extensive schemeplans to invest approximately ₹25 crore in milk unions and associated facilities across the Ernakulam, Idukki, Kottayam, and Thrissur districts. Taking a sustainable approach, ERCMPU will source these funds from the union’s operational profit.

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