Your Move MKE: Transforming Milwaukee’s Youth Through Hip Hop and Chess

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South Side Native Empowers Wisconsin’s Youth through Innovative Initiatives

Our source has shed light on Raquel Aleman, a native from South Side and an influential individual who co-established Your Move MKE. Aleman’s roots have been traced back to the inception of the organization, originally known as the Hip Hop Chess Club of Wisconsin.

Your Move MKE: Cultivating Creativity and Learning

Between 2017 and 2020, Your Move MKE initially blossomed within the confines of Gee’s Clippers, gradually morphing into an encompassing youth organization in the aftermath of a heart-wrenching incident – the passing of club member, Fabian Guzman, in 2020. Now firmly positioned on the 11th Historic Mitchell Street, Your Move MKE’s key objective is clear: to cultivate a secure haven for inner-city adolescents to express themselves and develop skills, all while addressing the obstacles they encounter in their personal lives and local communities.

Programs Offered: From Breakdancing to Urban Trade Skills

Your Move MKE has introduced a variety of programs, with each one designed to foster growth and creativity among its members. These include the dynamic ‘Making Moves Breakdancing’, the powerful ‘Restorative Justice Cyphers’, and an enriching ‘Urban Trade Skills’ course. This last program covers an array of topics including construction math, CPR, OSHA 10 safety training, financial literacy, and introduces the youth to tradesmen meetings.

A Family Atmosphere at the Core

The organization prides itself on promoting a family aura, encouraging meals together and familial staff interactions. This was evident during their end-of-year celebration in 2023. This event, which showcased their impressive Graffiti Gallery, attracted over a hundred guests. Attendees had the opportunity to partake in art auctions, watch performances, and enjoy decadent food, proving the strength of the community fostered within Your Move MKE.

Driven by Passion and Empowerment

Aleman’s personal journey is lit by her affection for hip hop and the drive to see increased representation for Latinas in the genre. This journey informs the purpose of Your Move MKE. The organization works relentlessly to empower its members through cultural exposure and creative freedom, envisioning a future where every voice is heard, recognized, and respected. Aleman’s inspiring story and the achievements of Your Move MKE continue to reverberate through the South Side community and beyond.


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