WWII US Marines Plane Discovered in South Pacific Jungle 80 Years Later

Papua New Guinea
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Long-Lost World War II Aircraft Discovered in Papua New Guinea

Eight decades since its disappearance during the tumultuous days of World War II, a US Marines Douglas SBD Dauntless aircraft has been discovered in Papua New Guinea. This revelation made by local inhabitants of the New Ireland jungle, who had heard tales of the crash passed down from their forefathers, was exclusively shared with our source.

Aircraft’s Identification and Historical Significance

The wreckage bore the plane’s serial number, 35971, consistent with historical data of a Dauntless that went down on January 14, 1944. The aircraft was piloted by Lt. Billy Ray Ramsey with Sgt. Charlie J. Sciara serving as his gunner. After being declared dead within the year following the tragic accident, both servicemen remain registered as Missing In Action (MIA) to date.

The Dauntless was a pivotal naval scout plane and dive bomber extensively employed by the US during wartime. The fallen aircraft’s return from an 80-year oblivion illuminates a poignant aspect of World War II history.

Details of the Discovery and Investigations

Following the discovery, the US Department of Defense has been alerted and intends to deploy investigators to the site. Descriptive photos and narratives from the crash site suggest the aircraft broke apart into three sections, presumably ensnaring the pilot.

War records deduced that heavy anti-aircraft fire hit Ramsey’s plane, resulting in the catastrophic crash. In the aftermath of the war, it transpired that Sgt. Sciara had survived the crash but sadly succumbed in a Japanese POW camp.

Pursuing Leads on the Discovery

The Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency (DPAA) has pledged its commitment to the recovery and identification of American soldiers who have gone missing from past conflicts and is actively following leads on this particular discovery.

The recent find in Papua New Guinea sheds new light on a forgotten chapter of World War II and brings closure to the families of the fallen servicemen. Pending investigations promise to unearth more details about the fateful crash and perhaps the last moments of Lt. Ramsey and Sgt. Sciara.

  • The discovery of a US Marines Douglas SBD Dauntless plane in Papua New Guinea, 80 years after its disappearance.
  • The aircraft was piloted by Lt. Billy Ray Ramsey and Sgt. Charlie J. Sciara, who remain Missing In Action (MIA).
  • Investigations by the US Department of Defense and the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency (DPAA) are underway.
  • The discovery sheds new light on World War II history.
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