West Cork Septic Tank Crisis: Urgent Action Sought by Evie Nevin and Agencies

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Continual Environmental Concern in West Cork Spurs Action from Authorities

New Developments in West Cork Environmental Crisis

A persisting challenge stemming from seepage from septic tanks in West Cork has led to increased action by prominent authoritative bodies. The complicated situation potentially threatens water quality and instigates fears of water-borne diseases. This issue has been affecting an amenity area and the Argideen River, prompting attention from our sources at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Uisce Éireann, and Cork County Council.

A Deep-Rooted Problem

According to reliable internal sources, the problem has a history of around eight years, having been publicly acknowledged since 2016. Despite community concerns raised by Labour Party local-election candidate Evie Nevin and continuous interaction with responsible agencies, the challenges persist unabated. Future resolution efforts, it’s anticipated, may require several more years to reach a viable and sustainable solution.

Action Steps by Authorities

The EPA, reacting to the chronic issue, conducted an audit and a site visit. Furthermore, Uisce Éireann has undertaken an ongoing assessment. These evaluations concentrate on Shannonvale, the severely hit area, in an attempt to distinguish the best remedy for the impaired percolation area.

Commitment to Revise Conditions

Asserting its commitment to a long-term resolution, Uisce Éireann has pledged to keep monitoring the situation closely. Furthermore, it will sustain communication and engagement with the EPA, emphasizing the significance of a strategic, comprehensive approach. This is seen as the best path to ensure not only community health but also general environmental safety.

Community Expectations

  • Swift and sustainable resolution of the septic-tank issue in West Cork to prevent further environment degradation
  • EPA, Uisce Éireann, and Cork County Council to continue their concerted efforts for a corrective measure
  • No further threats to water quality and measures to curb potential water-borne diseases


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