University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Boosts Guard Following Swastika Graffiti Discovery at Dorm

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University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Dorm Defaced with Swastika

Reports from Reader Wall have confirmed that an aggressive group was seen chanting racist slogans and flashed a swastika symbol on the facade of a student residence at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. This unacceptable incident took place in the late hours of Sunday, as conveyed by the university’s high ranking officials.

Surge in Hate Crimes

This regrettable incident, which occurred at the cusp of the upcoming spring semester, adds to the grossly increasing number of antisemitic incidents throughout the United States noted post the October 7, 2023 attack on Israel by Hamas.

The unidentified group was observed using inflammatory language, lighting what seemed to be road flares, and flaunting antisemitic symbols and chants. This information was divulged by Chancellor Corey A. King in a message to the university’s students and faculty members.

University Response

In response to this alarming event, the university has amplified the police patrol presence on the campus. The students affected by this incident can avail of counseling services for any impact this may have had on their mental well-being, said Chancellor King.

The Chancellor deemed this offensive incident as distinctly disturbing and said, “Such actions directly contravene our fundamental values at UW-Whitewater, where we are dedicated to fostering a safe and inclusive community”.

Details about the Incident

According to the details provided by Chancellor King, the campus law enforcement authorities received the call about this incident at approximately 5:40 pm. When the officers reached the scene, the group making these communal instigations had dispersed.

Supporting the sentiments of the Chancellor, the President of the Universities of Wisconsin, Jay Rothman, regarded this event at UW-Whitewater as “appalling”.

Video Evidence

In a video clip that subsequently surfaced on social media, four individuals attired in red and black can be heard vociferating, “We are omnipresent. There will be blood,” and a disturbing comment aimed at “white men”.

Investigation Ongoing

While investigations are still underway, university authorities are currently of the belief that those involved in this incident may not be affiliated with the university in any manner. Chancellor King pointed out that the people involved exhibited behaviors consistent with a group involved in similar incidents on other campuses.

Moreover, prior to this incident, a concern was raised by a parent, Toni Pharm, who alerted the campus police post fetching an alarming message from her daughter, a student of the university. “It was extremely disturbing and it strongly felt like an act of terrorism, quite deplorable in fact,” expressed Ms Pharm.

Rise in Antisemitic Incidents

Reflecting the severity of the situation, the Anti-Defamation League reports that the number of antisemitic incidents reported in the US has “skyrocketed” following the October 7 attack on Israel, with the number reaching 3,291 incidents by January 7. Signifying an alarming escalation of nearly 360% compared to the same period in the previous year.

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