UnitingCare Queensland Axes 340 Jobs Amid Economic Downturn, Citing Funding Shortages

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UnitingCare Announces Significant Staff Reduction Amid Economic Crisis

About UnitingCare Australia

UnitingCare is renowned as one of the most significant non-government employers in Queensland. They offer a wide array of health care services through their BlueCare service, private hospitals, and Lifeline operation in Queensland. The organization boasts a remarkable workforce of over 17,000 individuals along with a supportive network of volunteers.

Workforce Reduction

Recently, UnitingCare explicitly stated that it would be ending the employment of around 340 of its staff members. This move, triggered by the intensifying cost-of-living crisis, is expected to primarily impact BlueCare service, focusing on providing quality residential aged care and nursing services.

Reasons for the Layoffs

The organisation’s CEO, Craig Barke, attributed the layoffs to escalating costs in delivering crucial services that have been running ahead of funding. Barke explained that despite posting a comprehensive loss of approximately $54 million in 2023, the organization is dedicated to ensuring a fair and transparent process for those affected.

Efforts to Stay Financially Sustainable

Barke also spoke on the organization’s ongoing attempts to maintain financial viability amidst the rollercoaster of new funding arrangements, regulatory changes, and workforce shortages, which are impacting the delivery of their frontline services. UnitingCare is actively engaging with unions to guarantee a just treatment of all its affected employees during this critical period.

Economic Impact

This decision comes in the wake of recent economic data which hints at a slowdown in Australia’s economy, indicating potential additional burdens on the labor market in the near future. However, UnitingCare affirms its commitment to continue assisting communities across Queensland through their range of healthcare services.


In conclusion, the high-profile redundancy decision by one of Queensland’s largest non-profit employers underlines the pressure the ongoing economic crisis is exerting on businesses, both small and large. The well-being and fair treatment of affected employees remain a paramount concern for UnitingCare even in these challenging times.

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