Uday Kotak Advocates Balanced Regulation to Fuel India’s Ambitious Economic Growth

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Veteran Banker Uday Kotak Advocates for a Balanced Regulatory Environment

Achieving India’s Robust Economic Growth Targets

Uday Kotak, a seasoned banker, has underscored the need to strike a perfect balance in regulatory measures to steer India towards its ambitious economic growth target of 7.5-8% GDP in the next two to two and a half decades. In our source interview, he reasoned that although it is paramount to maintain regulatory guardrails to avert risks, an overstretched regime could balk the growth and prevent India from securing a place among developed nations.

The Need for Creativity and Entrepreneurship

Kotak drew attention to the necessity of nurturing creativity, fostering entrepreneurship, and encouraging a risk-taking mindset among professionals. He maintained that such attributes are instrumental in building the required capacity for the envisioned growth.

In a recent event orchestrated by the National Financial Reporting Authority (NFRA), he projected a promising picture of India’s future. However, he warned against an unfocused pursuit of opportunities and excessively restrictive regulations.

Protecting the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Kotak emphasized the need to care for and shield the entrepreneurial spirit. He advocated for the establishment of apt mechanisms to manage risks and quickly resolve issues to maintain the economic drive. The banker called on regulating bodies to ensure these mechanisms do not stifle innovation or deter investors, but instead, support India’s ambitious growth targets.

India’s Transition from Savers to Investors

Remarking on recent shifts in economic behavior, Kotak acknowledged India’s transition from a nation primarily of savers to one of investors. He noted a surge in the number of people investing in mutual funds and the equity market. This change, he hypothesized, could stimulate India’s transition to a developed nation by enhancing domestic capital market activity and strengthening the overall economy.


Kotak’s message is both a reminder and a call to action — a reminder of the importance of balanced regulations and a call for greater support of the entrepreneurial spirit. His words underscore the potential that India holds and the steps needed to unlock that potential fully, positioning India as a prominent player in the global economic landscape.


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