UBS to Redeem €1.5 Billion Callable Senior Notes Early, Impacting Swiss Exchange

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UBS Group AG to Redeem Outstanding Callable Senior Notes

The Reader Wall News has received new information from our sources concerning the recent announcement by UBS Group AG, a renowned financial services provider. In a strategic move, they have expressed their intention to redeem all their Callable Senior Notes that are presently in circulation. The worth of these notes in the current market stands at a substantial 1.5 billion euros (equivalent to $1.62 billion).

Insights Into Callable Senior Notes

The distinctive feature of these notes is the 1% coupon rate, which is significant when the notes are assessed for redemption. These Callable Senior Notes were primarily conceived and issued by UBS Group AG. Pertaining to the key dates of these notes, they were initially made available to the public on March 21, 2022. As stated in the original issuance agreement, the chosen date for optional redemption of these notes is also March 21, which notably falls in the same year of issuance.

Notes Listed on the Swiss Exchange

We further learned from our sources that these anticipatory Callable Senior Notes are publicly listed on the esteemed Swiss Exchange. This makes these notes easily available to investors worldwide, enabling their inclusion in a diversified investment portfolio.

Final Trading Day

On another important note, UBS Group AG has outlined the last trading day for these Callable Senior Notes. Investors should mark their calendars as this date has been set for March 19. This implies that after this day, the notes won’t be accessible for trading in the public market, leading to the conversation about their redemption.

  • UBS Group AG announces the redemption of all its outstanding Callable Senior Notes.
  • The total value of the notes stands at a whopping 1.5 billion euros ($1.62 billion).
  • The notes bear a 1% coupon rate and the date for optional redemption is March 21, the same year they were issued.
  • The noteworthy Callable Senior Notes are listed on the Swiss Exchange.
  • The last date for trading these notes has been defined by UBS as March 19.
  • Stay tuned to The Reader Wall News for more such updates from our trusted sources in the financial landscape.

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