Triton Announces Assemblin and Caverion Merger, Forming Assemblin Caverion Group

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Assemblin Group AB and Caverion Corporation to Merge under Triton Investment Advisers LLP

Formation of the Assemblin Caverion Group

Our sources confirmed that on March 5, 2024, Triton Investment Advisers LLP unveiled its ambitious plan to merge Assemblin Group AB and Caverion Corporation. The newly-formed organization will bear the name Assemblin Caverion Group. This monumental merger is a strategic move designed to harness the unique abilities and strengths of both firms to provide a wider range of services. Moreover, the coming together of these corporations will offer innovative sustainable technical solutions to a larger customer base.

Upon completion, Assemblin Caverion Group will establish a significant presence in the global market, operating within the boundaries of ten different countries. It is projected to yield an impressive annual turnover of roughly EUR 3.8 billion/SEK 43.5 billion. Additionally, the newly-formed corporation will provide employment to around 21,900 personnel.

Leadership and Strategic Direction

The leadership team will comprise key figures from both organizations. Mats Johansson will helm the newly-formed entity as the Group CEO, while Jacob Götzsche will steer the organization in his capacity as Executive Chairman of the Board.The principal concentration of Assemblin Caverion Group will be to ascend to market leadership within the Swedish, Finnish, and Norwegian markets.

This merger strategy aims to address the mounting challenges posed by Europe’s ageing infrastructure. It will cater to a thriving demand for efficient energy, sustainability, and automation paradigms. The merger has successfully obtained all required regulatory approvals, and we foresee the finalization of this process in April 2024.

Impact on Caverion Corporation’s Structure

Despite the merger, Caverion’s immediate ownership composition will remain unaffected. Further, plans are being drawn up to delist Caverion’s shares from the Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd. Caverion’s leadership team will also see a reshuffle. With personnel changes and strategic role assignments, the Group Management Board will soon display a new ensemble.

About Assemblin and Caverion

Caverion and Assemblin boast a rich heritage and experience in creating intelligent and sustainable built environments. In Northern and Central Europe, their combined workforce spans across approximately 22,000 professionals.


This merger promises to be a significant milestone for both Assemblin Group AB and Caverion Corporation. As the Assemblin Caverion Group emerges, the markets await its promise of sustainable and efficient technical solutions, likely to shape the future of infrastructure in Europe.


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