Travis Lerma Spearheads Health Care Integration at YMCA Pikes Peak Region

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Travis Lerma: The New Leader of Health Care Integration at YMCA Pikes Peak Region

We proudly welcome newly appointed Director of Health Care Integration at The YMCA of the Pikes Peak Region, Travis Lerma. This strategic shift comes directly from our source, aiming to augment healthcare initiatives under the YMCA banner. Notably, Lerma is bringing his immense professional experience and repoire to this role while heading an important team.

Responsibilities of Lerma’s New Role

In his new position, Lerma will lead the program team focusing on evidence-based interventions. He will be primarily responsibly for carefully crafted initiative such as the LIVESTRONG program at the YMCA, the Parkinson’s Exercise Program, Moving for Better Balance, and the Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring Program among others.

  • The LIVESTRONG program is designed specifically to support and uplift the spirits of those who are battling or have battled cancer.
  • The Parkinson’s Exercise Program, aims at improving movement and reducing the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease through closely guided physical activities.
  • Moving for Better Balance, is a fall-prevention program intended for older adults to help them maintain physical mobility and independence.
  • The Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring Program, focuses on educating and guiding individuals to understand the importance of regular self-checks to control blood pressure.
  • All of these initiatives are meant to bridge the gap between individual health needs and accessible, practical solutions, and soon with Lerma’s expertise, they’ll achieve great strides.

    Lerma’s Experience in YMCA

    Prior to accepting his new position, Travis Lerma has spent more than 17 successful years with the YMCA of San Diego Association. During his tenure, he has contributed significantly to the growth of the organization and stood as a beacon of community building.

    Building upon this experience, Lerma is moving to the Colorado Springs area to embark on his new milestone as the Director of Health Care Integration. His extensive background in the sector, commitment to service, and visionary approach to healthcare will undoubtedly make him an invaluable asset to the YMCA of the Pikes Peak Region and its community.

    To conclude, we are looking forward to the dynamic change Lerma will bring to the YMCA community. His well-rounded experience and invincible dedication truly set the bar high for health care integration in the Pikes Peak Region.

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