Transforming US Immigration Rules and the Rise of Unlawful Immigration in the 21st Century

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A Transformative Era: Immigration Patterns in the United States

The twentieth century observed a significant shift in the American immigration landscape. Initially, policies were designed to favor immigrants from Northern and Western Europe. However, towards the end of the mid-twentieth century, the laws took a dramatic turn. The United States began welcoming immigrants from all over the world, particularly Asia and Latin America. As a result, the demographic fabric of the country underwent a significant transformation.

21st Century: An Age of Unprecedented Increase in Illegal Immigration

The initial years of the 21st century saw an alarming upsurge in illegal immigration. The reality of economic hardships in Latin American countries, coupled with a perceived exploitation of loopholes in the asylum system, have contributed significantly to this issue. The currently lenient stance of the Biden administration has also been noted as a contributing factor. According to our sources, the US Customs and Border Protection reported over 3.2 million encounters in 2023. This figure was a sharp rise compared to the 527,000 encounters marked in 2017.

Solving the Puzzle: Policy Recommendations

Various policy recommendations have been presented to address the rising issue of illegal immigration. These proposals include tightening the conditions for asylum, mandating asylum applications to be processed within the immigrants’ origin country or Mexico, enhancing the resources for US immigration courts, and redefining the use of parole. Nevertheless, these proposed measures face substantial challenges in obtaining universal endorsement and implementation.

Biden Administration’s Procedure and Potential Implications

The Biden Administration’s handling of immigration and border security, including the growing use of parole and asylum, has been met with opposition from figures across the political spectrum. Criticisms have come from both Democratic city heads and staunch conservative Republicans. Fears have been expressed that a lack of practical border security measures could lead to severe political implications, such as a potential resurgence of the Trump Administration. The ongoing debates surrounding immigration policies and their execution have become a heated point of contention among political circles, paving the way for bipartisan initiatives in the Senate and resistance from House Republicans and former President Trump.

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