Tragic Water Incidents in Cork: Elderly Man Found Dead, Car Sinks in Port Quays

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Two Tragic Incidents in Cork Call for Emergency Recovery Efforts

According to our sources, Cork witnessed two different events that required swift response from emergency services. Our team has collected details surrounding these instances to draw a comprehensive picture of what transpired.

Elderly Man Found Deceased Near Inniscarra Bridge

The first unfortunate happenstance took place near Inniscarra Bridge and the weir in the Regional Park in Ballincollig. Information provided by our sources suggest an elderly man, estimated to be in his late 60s to early 70s, had gone into the water. Unfortunately, the Cork City Fire Brigade later found the man deceased. Efforts are currently being deployed to establish the man’s identity and get in touch with his family members.

Submerged Car Found at Port of Cork’s City Quays Area

The second alarming incident reported occurred in the Port of Cork’s city quays region. Early in the morning, port security detected a car submerged in the water; the vehicle’s lights gave away its presence. According to our sources, the Cork City Fire Brigade, along with Coast Guard and Cork missing persons search and recovery unit members, rushed to the scene.

Professional divers were able to locate the car in the river bed and ensure its stability. The initial task of securing the car has already been completed, and efforts are now focussed on recovering the vehicle. Further searches are to be conducted to ascertain if there are any remains in the car.


In light of the aforementioned incidents, our team wants to express its deepest condolences to the family and friends of the deceased man. We wish to also extend our gratitude towards the emergency services who responded promptly to both scenarios. It is during these unfortunate times that the hard work, determination, and resilience of these teams truly shine through, and we at The Reader Wall appreciate their relentless service. Further information will be released as our sources provide updates on both situations.


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