Todenham Manor Farm Mourns Loss of Beloved Butcher Richard Lewis at 76

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Remembering Richard Lewis: A Life of Dedication, Laughter, and Love

Renowned butcher and beloved friend, Richard Lewis, is mourned by his community after a brief fight against cancer. Known for his infectious energy and dedication to his craft, Lewis leaves behind a significant legacy built over more than a decade at Todenham Manor Farm’s farm shop, according to our in-house sources.

A pillar of the community

A pivotal member of Moreton in Marsh, Lewis’ toils in the farm shop went beyond his butchery skills. His engaging personality often welcomed visitors to the farm shop more than the bustling commerce. Customers frequently stopped by not just for their shopping needs but also for engaging conversations and to experience Lewis’ charismatic charm.

An exemplary professional

Lewis, known to commute from Gloucestershire daily, exhibited admirable dedication to his role at Todenham Manor Farm shop. Colleagues revered him not just as a skilled butcher but also as a key contributor to making the farm shop what it is today.

The man behind the apron

Beyond his professional life, Lewis was an embodiment of diverse passions. An avid angler, he found joy and tranquility in the quiet pull of the fishing line. His friends and family remember him as a man with an infectious sense of humor and impressive jive-dancing skills that never failed to light up a room. Above all, Lewis was a loving husband and a proud father to two daughters, leaving behind a family mourning their irreplaceable loss.

A mournful goodbye

The passing of this unforgettable personality has deeply affected his community. Customers, colleagues, friends, and family mourn the loss of a man who was not only full of life but was also a great character and a true gentleman. His legacy continues to impact Todenham Manor Farm and the wider community, living on in the memories of those who knew and loved him.

Remembering a beloved figure

  • A skilled butcher who left behind an outstanding legacy at Todenham Manor Farm
  • A charismatic figure remembered for intriguing conversations
  • An avid angler and jive dancer known for lighting up the room
  • A loving father, husband, and a true gentleman who touched the lives of many
  • Leaving in his wake a heartbroken community who mourns the loss of a pivotal figure
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