Thales Group Financial Performance 2023: Profits Dip, Sales Surge Amid Aerospace Boost

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Thales Group Witnesses Downturn in 2023 Net Income Despite Other Financial Gains

According to our reliable sources, Thales Group, a leading technology establishment in France, has suffered a dip in its consolidated net income for the fiscal year 2023. The organization reported a 9 percent decrease in net income, which amounts to just over 1.02 billion Euros. The decrease has been attributed to a non-recurring expense of 349 million Euros, related to the Thales UK Pension Scheme.

Adjusted Net Income Records an Increase

Disregarding this setback, Thales Group experienced a rise in adjusted net income, which reached 1.77 billion Euros, marking a significant increase from the 1.56 billion Euros recorded in 2022. Notably, the per-share value also went up to 8.48 Euros.

Growth in EBIT and Sales

The technology tycoon observed a 10.2 percent escalation in Earnings Before Interest and Taxes (EBIT), amounting to 2.13 billion Euros. Simultaneously, sales also demonstrated upward movement with a 5 percent increase, totaling 18.43 billion Euros. Largely, the growth in organic sales, by 7.9 percent, was aided by the company’s Aerospace segment.

A Dip in Order Intake, Dividend Per Share Set to Increase

Nevertheless, the Thales Group’s order intake slightly receded by 2 percent, coming to a figure of 23.13 billion Euros. Even so, the organization reported a marginal improvement at constant scope and exchange rates. Furthermore, the company’s investors can expect their dividend per share to surge by 16 percent, taking it to 3.40 Euros.

Projections for Fiscal 2024

Looking forward to fiscal 2024, Thales Group has made several predictions. The company anticipates organic sales growth in the range of 4 to 6 percent. Consequently, the organization aims for sales figures to fall between 19.7 billion Euros and 20.1 billion Euros. Additionally, the EBIT margin is projected to land between 11.7 percent and 12 percent.


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