Tayside Young Professionals Network: Bridging Careers with Social Networking

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New Professional Networking Group Emerges in Tayside

Our sources have recently outlined the establishment of a ground-breaking platform for aspiring young professionals, namely the Tayside Young Professionals Network. The network caters to individuals ranging from 18 to 35 years of age, seeking to simplify the daunting task of career advancement by providing opportunities for networking.

Progressive Foundation

Spearheaded by Glen Kelly, Sam Walker, Heather Whyte, and Rory Strathie, the group plans to organize gatherings on a quarterly basis. The variety of events promised range from formal business meetings to more casual get-togethers which will pave the way for the creation of contacts, friendships, and even potential career advancement prospects.

A Call for Inclusion

In contrast with conventional networking opportunities which often cater to specific industries or professions, the Tayside Young Professionals Network takes pride in its inclusive ethos. The founders fervently believe that diversity among the participating professionals will enhance the quality of interactions and exchanges. Consequently, input from attendees regarding the structuring and content of events will be greatly appreciated, in order to maintain relevance and engage the interests of the participatory audience.

First Impressions

The inaugural meeting, due to take place on March 14 at Dundee Contemporary Arts, has already sparked off a wave of enthusiasm among the target demographic. Initial ticket releases were sold out promptly, pointing to a high level of anticipation and interest which necessitated a move to a larger venue.

Socialising and Networking – A Perfect Blend

The founding team emphasizes that striking a balance between a laid-back and a professional environment plays a crucial role in the success of the network. An ambiance which facilitates learning and growth, encourages connection building, yet also offers recreational activities, is the ultimate goal for this pioneering network as they strive to create a platform where every young aspiring professional will find it enjoyable to participate.


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