Siraj App Launch: Empowering University Students Overcome Financial Barriers in Muscat

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Siraj Education Endowment Foundation Unveils ‘Siraj’ Mobile App

The Reader Wall has exclusive news pertaining to a new initiative by the Siraj Education Endowment Foundation. Under the patronage of H E Dr Rahma bint Ibrahim al Mahrooqi, Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, the foundation’s latest venture is a mobile application named ‘Siraj’.

Aiding Students Experiencing Financial Struggles

Siraj, was developed by Nasr Nasser al Rahbi, and is designed to support university students who find themselves in financial difficulty. Siraj has been designed to enable the collection of donations, making higher education a possibility for individuals regardless of their financial situation.

Encouraging Contributions for a Just Cause

The application is not just for individuals but also caters to corporate donors. It offers an easy and direct platform to make a contribution towards this noble cause. Donors can contribute directly through the app, or they can use the foundation’s website.

This initiative is part of a larger endeavour to promote social justice and to develop a progressive and inclusive society. This aim is achieved by easing the financial burdens of students who are struggling and need help urgently.

The ‘University Student Sponsorship’ Initiative

Working parallelly with Siraj, the foundation has also made strides with its ‘University Student Sponsorship’ initiative. This scheme provides ongoing monthly financial aid to students coming from vulnerable backgrounds. It covers the essential living costs, thereby allowing these students to focus solely on their education.

Other Donation Options

Donations towards this cause can also be made through other avenues, including through the specific Meethaq account number 0631500571440001.

In the light of educational developments, this news brought to you exclusively by The Reader Wall reiterates our commitment to not just keeping you informed but also encouraging community participation in building an inclusive and progressive society.


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